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Levels of Underwriting and Sponsorship

Paper Hearts Symbolize Levels of Underwriting and Sponsorship PackagesFill out our Underwriter and Sponsor Form at the bottom of this page to get started creating a heart-healthier Houston today! Visit the Underwriter and Sponsor Benefits page to learn how your generous sponsorship is a win-win for everyone involved.

Any and all donations to the Shop With Heart Card initiative, whether monetary or resources/services, are greatly appreciated and will be recognized in our 2017 promotional activities and materials.

We have several different underwriting and sponsorship packages, including:


Corporations, estates, and individuals can underwrite the 2017 Shop With Heart Card program by choosing one of our many package levels.


Individuals or businesses have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to providing financial support. Sponsors can donate a lump sum, a percentage of sales, or whatever best suits your needs.

In-Kind Sponsorship

Individuals and businesses also have the option to donate resources, services, or sales incentive items to support the Shop With Heart Card initiative.

Media Sponsorship

This type of support is used to finance or secure media coverage for the Shop With Heart Card, an essential part of making this event a success.

Memorial/Tribute Donation

Making a donation in honor of a loved one is a meaningful way to celebrate the life of someone close to your heart.

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To learn more about our wide range of underwriting and sponsorship packages, please complete the interest form or contact one of our Underwriting Chairs:

Julie Haralson

  • Phone: 713-724-2846

Karen Miller

  • Phone: 713-822-4274

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Exclusive Savings While Helping Save Lives

Purchase a Shop With Heart Card at one of our Participating Retailers and get an exclusive 20% discount at retailers and a complimentary appetizer or dessert with entrée at restaurants, April 28 – May 7, 2017. Shop With Heart Cards are accepted at over 450 of the finest retailers and restaurants in Houston and the surrounding areas. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association and the fight against the nation's No 1 and No 5 killers of men and women - cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Give From The Heart. Buy Your Shop With Heart Card Today!

Enjoy exclusive savings while helping save lives with your Shop With Heart Card. Buy your Shop With Heart Card today at any of our Participating Retailers for a minimum $50 donation. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association.